You Can Win Quotes

You Can Win Quotes by David Miliband, Tom Watson, P. C. Cast, Lawrence Dallaglio, Edgar Guest, Banksy and many others.

My advice is very simple: if you can win a small battle

My advice is very simple: if you can win a small battle, it gives you confidence in the political process to take on bigger battles, and so it is very much a bottom-up grass-roots way of doing politics.
David Miliband
Sometimes you have to lose major championships before you can win them. It’s the price you pay for maturing. The more times you can put yourself in pressure situations, the more times you compete, the better off you are.
Tom Watson
Choose battles that you can win without losing your heart and your soul.
P. C. Cast
The most important thing about winning is believing that you can win no matter who you are playing.
Lawrence Dallaglio
And you can win, though you face the worst, if you feel that you’re going to do it.
Edgar Guest
You can win the rat race but you’re still a rat.
You can win the Champions League in the worst season.
Roberto Di Matteo
The biggest thing is to have a mind-set and a belief you can win every tournament going in.
Tiger Woods
Your greatest fear is death and your deepest craving is survival. You want Forever, you desire Eternity. In your deluded belief that you are this ‘mind’ or ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’, you find the escape clause in your contract with mortality. Perhaps as ‘mind’ you can wing free of the body when it dies, hmm?
Dan Millman
Your eyes are windows to your dreams; Your ears are windows to your mind; You nose is the door to your heart – you can win over any man with just your smell.
Siddharth Katragadda
There’s no sense in going to a tournament if you don’t believe that you can win it. And that is the belief I have always had. And that is not going to change.
Tiger Woods
You can win with consistent benefits, delivered over time. You win by incrementally earning share, attention and trust.
Seth Godin
The danger is that you can wind up doing tourist pictures. I want to see it fresh and see the little bits of everyday life that a native might take for granted, but that are special to the place, while at the same time, not taking a picture that would be a tourist clichГ©.
Stephen Shore
You can win a talent show and be so famous that you can’t walk down the street, but no-one knows you next Monday.
JJ Feild
Any time you risk big you often risk losing big. You can win big but you can also lose big, but you have to be willing to take those risks.
Halle Berry
Once you win, you have no doubt that you can win. So you have gone through it once, and you can do it again.
Ivan Lendl
It is always in my mind still that I can crush anybody. That’s not an issue. But I think that is the same for most athletes. If you don’t believe you can win tournaments anymore, then you can’t do it.
Roger Federer