Years And Years Quotes

Years And Years Quotes by Shawn Mendes, Drea De Matteo, Curt Weldon, Ron White, Susie Dent, Christine Leunens and many others.

There are times when I'm super-overwhelmed, and everyth

There are times when I’m super-overwhelmed, and everything feels like it’s hitting me in the face at once, but I think what’s keeping me calm, and who I am by staying true to myself, is my whole family being so supportive and keeping me grounded. They treat me the exact same way they treated me years and years ago.
Shawn Mendes
I swore I would never do a reality show. I’ve been offered them for years and years because our family life is a little crazy – I will admit to that. Definitely not the conventional mom or family – or anything, for that matter.
Drea De Matteo
I think Gadhafi is on the mark. And up until this point in time, I think they truly want to turn this around and become a positive player with the West after years and years of terrorism and stagnation.
Curt Weldon
There have been times in my life that I’ve had a ton of vices, and my demons have run amok for years and years and years.
Ron White
I’ve been collecting linguistic oddities for years and years, ever since I was small. I’ve got loads of notebooks where I’ve jotted down things I couldn’t make sense of.
Susie Dent
I don’t feel pride when I look at a magazine spread I did for Vogue, but writing is really satisfying to me. I can go so deep into people’s interior lives, slowly and with complexity, over years and years sometimes. That’s very rewarding, in a way that modelling never was.
Christine Leunens
I’ve been a vegetarian for years and years. I’m not judgemental about others who aren’t, I just feel I cannot eat or wear living creatures.
Drew Barrymore
Years and years ago, I said I did not want to write academic books. I want to write books that are in the language of the common person so that Joe, who didn’t even go to college, can sit down and read my book and get it and apply it to his life.
Gary Chapman
Having one’s image, and effectively, life, democratized, dehumanizes and sometimes objectifies it into an entertainment product. What sort of valuation of the ego would one have once you’ve let it been preyed upon by the public for years and years? Perhaps, it becomes truly just skin and bones.
Jack Gleeson
That’s been my routine for years and years… Up early before everybody else, before I get connected, before I get bugged, before I have obligations. Get the writing done first, then be the person I want to be in other ways after that.
John Edgar Wideman
Look at someone like Mary Berry, for God’s sake, that woman is just such an inspiration… what’s to say you can’t do stuff for years and years and years?
Mel Giedroyc
Well, my life hasn’t really changed… I’ve been homeschooled for a long time. So that helped a lot because of shooting and stuff. But, I have had friends who I’ve been friends with for years and years and they are my true friends, you know?
Willow Shields
Second novels are bears. As are other people’s expectations for them. I think taking the time you need with the second book is key. Writers spend years and years on their first novels and then are often expected to turn out a second at warp speed, a recipe for failure.
Jandy Nelson
The thing with me is, about that – about rock and all that – years and years of crate-digging, listening to old music, you kind of start to connect the dots. And I was seeing the thread that was connecting everything together, which is pretty much the blues. And everything soul or funk kind of starts with that.
You work for years and years to make the Olympics, then something goes wrong and it’s all gone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make your mark in another way. Losing in the Olympic Trials made me that much hungrier to become a world champion as a pro.
Danny Garcia
I used to work as a private detective years and years ago.
Errol Morris
Obviously, I come from one background, and the people that design fitness equipment have been doing it for years and years, and they know what works and doesn’t work.
Lance Armstrong