Wrong Or Right Quotes

Wrong Or Right Quotes by Asghar Farhadi, Jennifer Lopez, Billy Joel, Tupac Shakur, Peter Murphy, Bashar al-Assad and many others.

The first theme that every audience can get easily ever

The first theme that every audience can get easily everywhere in the world is the theme of judgment. You are constantly judging if this character is doing something wrong or right, or the other character is doing something right or wrong.
Asghar Farhadi
Ain’t it funny how a moment could just change your life, and you don’t want to face what’s wrong or right. Ain’t it strange how fate can play a part, in the story of your heart.
Jennifer Lopez
I believe I’ve passed the age of consciousness and righteous rage. I’ve found that just surviving is a noble fight. I once believed in causes too; I had my pointless points of view. And life went on no matter who as wrong or right.
Billy Joel
I once believed in causes, too. Had my pointless point of view. Life went on no matter who was wrong or right.
Billy Joel
I’m not thuggin’ for me, I’m thuggin’ for my family, I pay all the bills, I feed my whole family, wrong or right, I do and I can’t stop.
Tupac Shakur
[S]ince there is no wrong or right, you just reap what you sow.
Peter Murphy
Under Syrian law, a journalist is not allowed to report on military matters. This may be wrong or right, but that’s just the way it is.
Bashar al-Assad
Your ego is an avid interpreter. It is so quick to interpret events as ‘bad’ or ‘good,’ ‘wrong’ or ‘right.’ It never fails to see ‘the little picture.
Robert Holden
Because things like this you can only ssay once. And you either get it wrong or right, it’s the end either way, because it’s too hard to ever try to say again.
Stephen King
When you’re dealing with subjective matters, there’s no wrong or right answer, it’s just, “What do we think is best for the show?”
Rob McElhenney