Working Behind The Scenes Quotes

Working Behind The Scenes Quotes by Joel Osteen, Jennifer Gilmore, Stephen Kendrick, Laz Alonso, Rob Brezsny, Mark Mothersbaugh and many others.

Resist discouragement by speaking His Word over your fu

Resist discouragement by speaking His Word over your future. Keep standing. Keep hoping; keep believing because He is working behind the scenes. He’s going to accelerate your times and lead you into the life of victory He has for you.
Joel Osteen
At this very moment, God’s working behind the scenes in your life, arranging things in your favor. Stay in faith!
Joel Osteen
I know publishing now more as an author than with occasional peaks inside those elite offices than as an industry insider. It was difficult publishing a novel the first time around, while working behind the scenes, knowing all that has to happen to make a book a success and to still make the leap as an author.
Jennifer Gilmore
I’m not trying to force something, but I do enjoy working behind the scenes and I do enjoy bringing all of the ingredients to the kitchen so that we can make the movie.
Stephen Kendrick
‘Fast & Furious’ is a well-oiled machine. Those guys really know what they’re doing. The guys that work behind the scenes are just as important as the ones in front of the cameras. They are car enthusiasts. They live and breathe this world.
Laz Alonso
Act as if the universe is a prodigious miracle created for your amusement and illumination. Assume that secret helpers are working behind the scenes to assist you in turning into the gorgeous masterpiece you were born to be. Join the conspiracy to shower all of creation with blessings.
Rob Brezsny
Personally Im very happy to be behind the scenes. I like collaboration, I like working with directors.
Mark Mothersbaugh
With all the decision making in my life, I often have to pause, look up and remember God is the One working behind the scenes. I say to myself, “He is able to work all things out for good. I just need to submit to Him and His ways. I can rest.
K.P. Yohannan
I have always championed the concept of administrators of color. My mother worked in advertising, and growing up, I saw my mother’s community of women working behind the scenes. I had the opportunity from a young age to know that I could do this work.
Lisa Lucas
I always wanted to be an anchorman, but after college I wound up working behind the scenes at CBS News for 10 years.
Andy Cohen
I would always prefer radio or working behind the scenes where I don’t have to be seen. I don’t like how appearance oriented TV is (especially now that I’m middle aged!). But I am developing a show revolving around animal rescue which will hopefully entertain and maybe do a bit of good for the cause as well.
Susan Olsen
Both film and fashion are businesses where the audience doesn’t feel or see the work that goes on behind the scenes.
Tom Ford