Westboro Baptist Church Quotes

Westboro Baptist Church Quotes by Fred Phelps, Jon Stewart, Russell Brand, John Fugelsang and many others.

God is punishing America for the way they have persecut

God is punishing America for the way they have persecuted us at Westboro Baptist Church, and worse and more of [the Virginia Tech massacre] is coming and this evil sodomite nation is doomed.
Fred Phelps
It is the obligation of Westboro Baptist Church to put the cup of God’s fury to America’s lips, and cause America to drink it. And you will drink it!
Fred Phelps
The Westboro Baptist Church is no more a church than Church’s Fried Chicken is a church.
Jon Stewart
Have you considered that the Bible, like all religious doctrine, may be allegorical and symbolic, to direct us toward one holy entity of love, as opposed to a simplistic litiginous text to direct the behavior of human beings?
Russell Brand
Loving the Second Amendment while opposing the NRA is every bit as natural as loving Jesus while opposing Westboro Baptist Church.
John Fugelsang