Waste Of Space Quotes

Waste Of Space Quotes by Charles Darwin, Maria Bamford, Masiela Lusha, Craig Reucassel, Carl Sagan, Prince Philip and many others.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not disco

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
Charles Darwin
If you’re ever if you’re ever thinking, “Oh, but I’m a waste of space and I’m a burden,” remember: that also describes the Grand Canyon. Why don’t you have friends and family take pictures of you from a safe distance? Revel in your majestic profile?
Maria Bamford
If I cannot offer some relief to our world, if I cannot inspire our generation to join me, then I feel I am a complete waste of space. This constant fear of feeling irrelevant in our society has been the catalyst behind all my efforts and passions for as long as I can remember.
Masiela Lusha
Geez, all that money we waste on space exploration; just think how many bombs that would buy!
Craig Reucassel
The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.
Carl Sagan
It’s a vast waste of space.
Prince Philip
A sad spectacle. If they be inhabited, what a scope for misery and folly. If they be not inhabited, what a waste of space.
Thomas Carlyle
Comics are expensive. Don’t make me resent the money I spend buying yours. Every single moment in your script must either move the story along or demonstrate something important about the characters — preferably both — and every panel that does neither is a sloppy waste of space.
Mark Waid