Twist Of Fate Quotes

Twist Of Fate Quotes by Ronald Reagan, Gregory David Roberts, Ann Patchett, Donald Trump, Bob Dylan, Jeff Greenfield and many others.

I was raised to believe that God has a plan for everyon

I was raised to believe that God has a plan for everyone and that seemingly random twists of fate are all a part of His plan.
Ronald Reagan
Prisons are the temples where devils learn to prey. Every time we turn the key we twist the knife of fate, because every time we cage a man we close him in with hate.
Gregory David Roberts
Coming back is the thing that enables you to see how all the dots in your life are connected.
Ann Patchett
What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.
Donald Trump
Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free, Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands
Bob Dylan
There are good people who are dealt a bad hand by fate, and bad people who live long, comfortable, privileged lives. A small twist of fate can save or end a life; random chance is a permanent, powerful player in each of our lives, and in human history as well.
Jeff Greenfield
I really think in life there is a lot of mystery and things we just can’t understand and your brain has to adapt… We all have to deal with the twists of fate whether they are explained or not and it’s how you react in life to these curveballs that is really the measure of a man.
Larry Fessenden
There are no guarantees in life. The simple twists of fate and the breaks of the game are the two maxims that define so much of the success and failure in life.
Bill Walton
I have come to understand that life is composed of a series of coincidences. How we react to these – how we exercise what some refer to as free will – is everything; the choices we make within the boundaries of the twists of fate determine who we are.
John Perkins
let me forget about today until tomorrow
Bob Dylan
In a sad twist of fate, the bill to reauthorize the Patriot Act was debated on the floor of the House of Representatives the same day that terrorists struck again.
Jim Sensenbrenner
[Bob] Dylan’s broken-heart songs are so much better. Like “Simple Twist of Fate”.
Bob Dylan
Stay hungry, stay young, stay foolish, stay curious, and above all, stay humble because just when you think you got all the answers, is the moment when some bitter twist of fate in the universe will remind you that you very much don’t.
Tom Hiddleston