Trying Too Hard Quotes

Trying Too Hard Quotes by Oliver James, Tila Tequila, Kevin Hart, Malcolm Forbes, Jackie Chan, Eddie Izzard and many others.

why are trying so hard to fit in, when you're born to s

why are trying so hard to fit in, when you’re born to stand out
Oliver James
On a daily basis, jeans and t-shirt is still sexy, but it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.
Tila Tequila
Relationships are like farting, If you push too hard things could get messy real fast.
Kevin Hart
How to fail: Try too hard.
Malcolm Forbes
When I try to speak perfectly then I am not Jackie Chan anymore. Some words sound like I am trying too hard. The whole thing is not me.
Jackie Chan
There’s a thing about trying too hard, which I think is in all forms, which is if you really try to do things really well, you can get to a less good place than if you just let go and let it fly. Especially in creativity.
Eddie Izzard
I don’t like it when people are trying too hard. That goes for clothes, for acting, for everything. It’s just not good when it seems like you’re making too much of an effort.
Clive Owen
It’s no good telling somebody they’re trying too hard. It’s very much like ordering a child to go stand in a corner for a half hour and never once think about elephants.
John D. MacDonald
I just don’t like showing everything I’ve got. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard to be sexy.
Elisha Cuthbert
You’re trying too hard to find a correlation here. You don’t know these people, you don’t know what they intended. You try to compile statistics and correlate them to a result that amounts to nothing more than speculation.
Marc Racicot
In all this welter of women I still hadn’t got one for myself, not that I was trying too hard, but sometimes I felt lonely to see everybody paired off and having a good time and all I did was curl up in my sleeping bag in the rosebushes and sigh and say bah. For me it was just red wine in my mouth and a pile of firewood
Jack Kerouac
It always felt like you were trying too hard to look like the audience or something. That whole thing about the artistic integrity, which, of course, I’ve never bought into – with any artist. It’s just not a real thing.
David Bowie
When I was growing up, I would try to sing out of key very consciously. I was probably afraid of trying too hard to do something beautiful, and then I just wasn’t good enough. But I’ve learned that I was also on the outside – wanting more challenge by living in that more conventional world.
Jenny Hval
Trying too hard to be too good, even when trying to be bad, is too good for the bad, too bad for the good.
Dejan Stojanovic
A lot of the men were upset or jealous of me because I got the girl. Men are always trying too hard. When I effortlessly get the girl, it pisses them off.
Jackie Warner
What’s your heart telling you to do? I don’t know.’ Maybe, you’re trying too hard to hear it.
Nicholas Sparks
I like to look put together without trying too hard. I don’t want to look as if God’s made another rainbow – I prefer muted, autumnal colours, like most fading redheads.
Anne Robinson