Tribe Called Quest Quotes

Tribe Called Quest Quotes by Michael Rapaport, Big Boi, Phife Dawg, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Rose Byrne and many others.

Like any family, like any group - the Beatles, Led Zepp

Like any family, like any group – the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, EPMD, Public Enemy – they’ve had bumps in the road. I just think that because A Tribe Called Quest is so precious to fans, they were concerned about unveiling some of those things.
Michael Rapaport
My kids listen to everything because I listen to everything, so it’s not far-fetched to hear them playing Metallica and then playing A Tribe Called Quest or N.W.A.
Big Boi
A Tribe Called Quest was one of those things where it was supposed to be about growth. When I say ‘growth,’ I don’t just mean with our sound or our product, but Tribe was supposed to grow as individuals.
Phife Dawg
Rap is not pop, if you call it that then stop…
I heard Q-Tip on the Jungle Brothers’ song ‘The Promo.’ It was very exciting. It was very new. The music and the culture around hip-hop was evolving. I think there’s an emotional quality to their music and there’s a vulnerability to the music. For me, A Tribe Called Quest was my Beatles.
Michael Rapaport
I wanted to make something that reminded people of the way albums used to feel. I wanted something as good as the stuff put out by the Bomb Squad, or Dr. Dre and his production crew, or ‘A Tribe Called Quest.’ I miss albums like those.
Busta Rhymes
I liked the Beastie Boys and A Tribe Called Quest and Cypress Hill.
Rose Byrne
A Tribe Called Quest music was so inclusive, so conscious, it brought such a community together.
Michael Rapaport