Tree Of Knowledge Quotes

Tree Of Knowledge Quotes by Orson Scott Card, Albert Einstein, Robert Green Ingersoll, Gerard De Nerval, Moliere, Friedrich Nietzsche and many others.

Surely you're not saying that God had to choose between

Surely you’re not saying that God had to choose between long life and intelligence for human beings! It’s there in your own Bible, Carlotta. Two trees – knowledge and life. You eat of the tree of knowledge and you will surely die. You eat of the tree of life and you remain a child in the garden forever, undying.
Orson Scott Card
I have not eaten enough of the tree of knowledge, though in my profession I am obligated to feed on it regularly.
Albert Einstein
Give me the storm and tempest of thought and action, rather than the dead calm of ignorance and faith! Banish me from Eden when you will; but first let me eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge!
Robert Green Ingersoll
The tree of knowledge is not the tree of life! And yet can we cast out of our spirits all the good or evil poured into them by so many learned generations? Ignorance cannot be learned.
Gerard De Nerval
The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
Probability but no truth, facility but no freedom–it is owing to these two fruits that the tree of knowledge cannot be confused with the tree of life.
Friedrich Nietzsche
A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
Marcus Garvey
Education is only a ladder to gather fruit from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself
Albert Einstein
The Mandrake is the “Tree of Knowledge” and the burning love ignited by its pleasure is the origin of the human race
Hugo Rahner
I’d like to briefly state the accomplishment that we expect from a photographer. He must make the person being photographed forget that he has eaten from the tree of knowledge.
Albert Renger-Patzsch
Sin, guilt, neurosis; they are one and the same, the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
Henry Miller
The essence of Christianity is told us in the Garden of Eden history. The fruit that was forbidden was on the tree of knowledge. The subtext is, All the suffering you have is because you wanted to find out what was going on.
Frank Zappa
The tree of Knowledge is a Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.
Henry David Thoreau
Sorrow is knowledge, those that know the most must mourn the deepest, the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life.
Lord Byron
The fruit of my tree of knowledge is plucked, and it is this: “Adventures are to the adventurous.”
Benjamin Disraeli
The minute you understand racism, you’re responsible for being racist. It’s like eating from the tree of knowledge.
Lynda Barry
You look like a boy who has eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge and doesn’t like the taste.
Cinda Williams Chima