Three Year Olds Quotes

Three Year Olds Quotes by Story Musgrave, Charles Darwin, Tim Burton, Richard Simmons, Dan Mangan, Joey Logano and many others.

It's hard to say what drives a three year-old, but I th

It’s hard to say what drives a three year-old, but I think I had a sense that nature was my solace, and nature was a place in which there was beauty, in which there was order.
Story Musgrave
If Mozart, instead of playing the pianoforte at three years old with wonderfully little practice, had played a tune with no practice at all, he might truly have been said to have done so instinctively.
Charles Darwin
I never really got nightmares from movies. In fact, I recall my father saying when I was three years old that I would be scared, but I never was.
Tim Burton
I was born with a crippled leg. I wore a corrective shoes since I was three years old and I still wear them.
Richard Simmons
When you ask my three year old if my iPhone is too complicated, it’s not. It’s all relative.
Dan Mangan
When I was three years old, I had race-car wallpaper, a race-car bed, race-car toys. That was all I wanted. And nothing has changed. Except I don’t have a race-car bed anymore.?
Joey Logano
Every man at three years old is half his height
Leonardo da Vinci
A house is never perfectly furnished for enjoyment unless there is a child in it rising three years old, and a kitten rising three weeks.
Robert Southey
Mickey Mouse to a three-year-old is a six-foot-tall RAT!
Robin Williams
When my brother was a child, he kept telling my mom he wanted to be in the box. She didn’t get it – he was two or three years old and kept saying he wanted to be in the box. She finally realized he was talking about the television.
Aldis Hodge
I really hope that I can be helpful in that journey because I do believe that women deserve the same pay. We work just as hard as men do. I’ve been working, playing tennis, since I was three years old. And to be paid less just because of my sex – it doesn’t seem fair.
Serena Williams
I’ve been playing one way or another since I was about three years old. I don’t remember not knowing how to play any instruments.
Frank Fairfield
Even today no computer can understand language as well as a three-year-old or see as well as a mouse.
Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
Let’s face it, we were all once three-year-olds who stood in the middle of the living room and everybody thought we were so adorable. Only some of us grow up and get paid for it.
Meryl Streep
Before I liked to write, I liked to type. I remember visiting my grandmother Adele in Ponce Inlet, Florida, when I was three years old, and she had an IBM electric typewriter.
Gabrielle Zevin
I feel great. I feel younger. And I don’t feel anything at all. I don’t know who knows, but right now I’m, how, how many years have I, fifty five, something like that. Forty three years old. And I feel like seventeen, like twenty five years ago.
Olga Korbut
Hunters will tell you that a moose is a wily and ferocious forest creature. Nonsense. A moose is a cow drawn by a three-year-old.
Bill Bryson