Talk Show Host Quotes

Talk Show Host Quotes by Andy Richter, G. Gordon Liddy, Louie Gohmert, David Letterman, Bill Hader, Mauro Ranallo and many others.

I wouldn't want to be a talk show host. That's another

I wouldn’t want to be a talk show host. That’s another awkward compliment people make. ‘You should have your own talk show.’ And I think, no thank you.
Andy Richter
If I can go from burglar for the government to talk show host, you can go from entertainer to congressman.
G. Gordon Liddy
There are consequences if you stand up for what you believe. Heck, you might – you might lose your sponsors if you’re a talk show host; or if you’re running for office, you know, people not give to you or people might not vote for you.
Louie Gohmert
I cannot sing, dance or act; what else would I be but a talk show host.
David Letterman
I really enjoyed playing Vinny Vedecci, the Italian talk show host. He was the first character I ever came up with where I gave him a name and a way of dressing.
Bill Hader
I’ve called all sports. I was a radio DJ, club DJ, talk show host, hockey, basketball, football; you name it, I’ve done it.
Mauro Ranallo
I will be the first to admit that getting votes and getting an audience are two different things. For example, a politician really can’t be elected if he’s hated by half the people. A talk show host, however, can be an overwhelming national phenomenon while being hated by half the people.
Rush Limbaugh
Don’t ever rope me in as a late-night talk show host. I don’t want to be one.
Craig Ferguson
Since I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a talk show host.
Ross Mathews
There are a million things I can think of that I would I want to do. Reporting like you, would be one. A talk show host maybe, also. I want to do a lot.
Justin Guarini
David Letterman is the best late-night talk show host right now, hands down, and has been since he first took the desk.
George Lopez
You can be a great reporter and not be such a great talk show host.
Dan Abrams
I don’t think I’d be a very good talk show host. I mean, I’m very talkative but I don’t know if I could do that all the time.
Emma Roberts
‘Donny and Marie’ was a great experience. I tried so hard to be a great talk show host but it’s all about relaxing and enjoying it. Marie and I finally figured that out. I would have liked it to continue but I’m kind of glad it’s over because of the phenomenal workload.
Donny Osmond
The difference between a reporter, a newspaper columnist, a paid speaker, a television personality, a radio talk show host, a blogger, a movie producer, a publicist, and a political strategist, is growing less – and not more – distinct.
George Packer
I’m the only talk show host, I think, if there’s such a category in, what’s called, the book of records, to have a guest die while we were taping the show, yeah.
Dick Cavett
One of the most comical comments that my ‘Wendy’ watchers said is, ‘She talks too much!’ Duh, I’m a talk show host!
Wendy Williams