Take Me Back Quotes

Take Me Back Quotes by Jancee Dunn, Richard Briers, Curtis Stone, Van Morrison, Kreayshawn, Lance Armstrong and many others.

What really takes me back is when I'm walking around th

What really takes me back is when I’m walking around the Lower East Side, because we went to so many places [there] – the bakery, a mannequin store, all these factories with mice running around. That also is very visceral and takes me back. Pool halls, tattoo parlors, all kinds of stuff like that.
Jancee Dunn
I love the part of Hector as it takes me back to playing eccentric parts. He is a funny character, which is fine by me as I’ve been playing for laughs for decades now! It’s lovely to get a laugh; it’s the best thing in the world!
Richard Briers
My grannies would both bake things like shortbreads and cookies. I think whenever I smell those kinds of things it really takes me back to my childhood.
Curtis Stone
Do you remember the time darlin’ when everything made more sense in the world? Oh I remember, I remember… when life made more sense… Take me back, take me back, take me way back… to when life made more sense.
Van Morrison
I like playing my Tamagotchi and Game Boy. They take me back to the old days when times were more simple.
If I was racing in 2015, no, I wouldn’t do it again because I don’t think you have to. If you take me back to 1995, when doping was completely pervasive, I would probably do it again.
Lance Armstrong
I love the smell of freshly cut grass. It takes me back to summers in Maine.
Rachel Nichols
The flight I’m most excited about is the one that takes me back to Northern Ireland to visit family and friends.
Rory McIlroy
Come hell or high water you will never take me back to the place I was before. I have been through too much to let life whoop me again. My faith is stronger than it’s ever been, my mind is more tenacious than it’s ever been, my soul is more absolute.
T. D. Jakes
For a long time – and this particular time with greater force than usual – summer has been a season that gives me a sense of emptiness and absence, and takes me back to the past.
Patrick Modiano
My parents traveled a lot, so my grandparents practically raised me. My grandmother and I really bonded in the kitchen. She’s this amazing southern cook, and I would always help her – whether it was cracking eggs or stirring the green beans. It takes me back there.
Hillary Scott
In the photograph by my bed my mother is perpetually smiling on me. I guess I have forgiven us both, although sometimes in the night my dreams will take me back to the sadness, and I have to wake up and forgive us again.
Sue Monk Kidd
Dulwich College takes me back after seventy years: My Mum must have written one hell of a sick note!
Bob Monkhouse
I’ll do whatever you want, whatever you need. Anything. Just take me back.
Sylvia Day
I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do. To dream, to live in the world of dreams. But it doesn’t last forever. Wakefulness always comes to take me back.
Haruki Murakami