Space And Time Quotes

Space And Time Quotes by Robert Lanza, Roy H. Williams, Thomas Muller, Lisa Gansky, Brian Greene, Quique Setien and many others.

Sometime in the future, science will be able to create

Sometime in the future, science will be able to create realities that we can’t even begin to imagine. As we evolve, we’ll be able to construct other information systems that correspond to other realities, universes based on logic completely different from ours and not based on space and time.
Robert Lanza
In essence, String Theory describes space and time, matter and energy, gravity and light, indeed all of God’s creation… as music.
Roy H. Williams
Every good, successful player, especially an attacking player, has a well-developed sense of space and time.
Thomas Muller
Without consciousness, space and time are nothing.
Robert Lanza
The Mesh difference is that with GPS-enabled mobile Web devices and social networks, physical goods are now easily located in space and time.
Lisa Gansky
The melded nature of space and time is intimately woven with properties of light speed. The inviolable nature of the speed of light is actually, in Einstein’s hands, talking about the inviolable nature of cause and effect.
Brian Greene
Any footballer who understands space and time and positioning can become a better player because he knows how to receive the ball alone with time to play a pass or shoot.
Quique Setien
Before 1915, space and time were thought of as a fixed arena in which events took place, but which was not affected by what happened in it. Space and time are now dynamic quantities… space and time not only affect but are also affected by everything that happens in the universe.
Stephen Hawking
I just love what art can do and what it means for us; that it can cross barriers. It can speak to us across space and time and culture.
Travis Knight
My wife has been incredibly supportive of me as a writer. Trying really hard to make sure I get the space and time I need to work as a writer and being willing to make some of the sacrifices that you have to make to live the life of an artist.
Alexi Zentner
I’ve been enthralled by deep vistas of space and time ever since watching George Pal’s film of ‘The Time Machine,’ while an early encounter with Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘The City And The Stars’ cemented my love for books with a scope spanning millions of years.
Alastair Reynolds
If space is a fabric, then of course fabrics can have ripples, which we have now seen directly. But fabrics can also rip. Then the question is what happens when the fabric of space and time is ripped by a black hole?
Michio Kaku
That’s what a family is, isn’t it? Making space and time for one another.
Holly Willoughby
Substance must emanate from spirit and is nothing else than the record of the spirit’s conception of itself finding expression in space and time.
Paul Twitchell
The mystery of film is not in the script. It’s in the shooting, in the interacting of humans and space and time.
Sebastian Lelio
Hyperloop is the ultimate pinnacle of that idea of, ‘Can we actually shrink space and time?’
Shervin Pishevar
I wouldn’t say that ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’ is a book on cosmology. Cosmology certainly plays a big part, but the major theme is our ever-evolving understanding of space and time, and what it all means for our sense of reality.
Brian Greene