Size Doesnt Matter Quotes

Size Doesn’t Matter Quotes by Christine Warren, Robin Williams, Bob Sanders, Laurell K. Hamilton, Hilary Mason, Deepika Padukone and many others.

Didn't anyone tell you that size doesn't matter?

Didn’t anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter?” “Yes, but I told him to put his pants back on and go home.
Christine Warren
Friends come in all sizes, take it from me! Golly gee, size doesn’t matter, when you want some friendly patter from a pal who is true.
Robin Williams
Size doesn’t matter. It’s all about the heart.
Bob Sanders
Anyone who tells you size doesn’t matter has been seeing too many small knives.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Size doesn’t matter, fast data is better than big data
Hilary Mason
In the (film) industry, body size doesn’t matter. What matters is how much an actor contributes through his performance and not his body size. It is important that every person should wear clothes that go with their body – the cut, the fabric make a lot of difference.
Deepika Padukone