Sex Before Marriage Quotes

Sex Before Marriage Quotes by Wendy Shalit, William Glasser, Ogden Nash, Joan Rivers, Jimmy Carr, Marilyn Monroe and many others.

By not having sex before marriage, you are insisting on

By not having sex before marriage, you are insisting on your right to take these things seriously, when many around you do not seem to. By reserving a part of you for someone else, you are insisting on your right to keep something sacred.
Wendy Shalit
Don’t marry someone you would not be friends with if there was no sex between you.
William Glasser
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; Whenever you’re right, shut up.
Ogden Nash
Now, I’m not against sex before marriage, but two minutes before? When the organist played “Here Comes the Bride”.
Joan Rivers
I was a Christian. I didn’t want to have sex before marriage, I was a bit uptight and not very self-confident. I was a virgin until I was 26.
Jimmy Carr
Before marriage, a girl has to make love to a man to hold him. After marriage, she has to hold him to make love to him.
Marilyn Monroe
A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after.
Gloria Steinem
A young man in Bangladesh can’t even hold hands with a young woman. Without marriage there is no kissing, no holding hands, no going anywhere. So young boys can only go to the brothels for sex before marriage.
Michael Glawogger
Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place.
Billy Crystal