Sex And Gender Quotes

Sex And Gender Quotes by Kate Bornstein, Ezra Miller, Leslie Feinberg and many others.

You can support trans-positive legislation, tranny arti

You can support trans-positive legislation, tranny artists, and the inclusion of trannies in your neighborhood, schools, place of worship, whatever. For the long term? Join or initiate some good legal battles against the puritanical laws that exist around sex and gender.
Kate Bornstein
I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very different sexes and genders.
Ezra Miller
We have not always been forced to pass, to go underground, in order to work and live. We have a right to live openly and proudly…when our lives are suppressed, everyone is denied an understanding of the rich diversity of sex and gender expression and experience that exist in human society.
Leslie Feinberg