Second Class Citizens Quotes

Second Class Citizens Quotes by Satchel Paige, Catherine Mayer, Dora Russell, Wendell Willkie, Brit Marling, Jonah Peretti and many others.

The only change is that baseball has turned Paige from

The only change is that baseball has turned Paige from a second class citizen to a second class immortal.
Satchel Paige
It is, after all, absurd that in 2017 women are still at best second-class citizens.
Catherine Mayer
We have never yet had a labor Government that knew what taking power really means; they always act like second-class citizens.
Dora Russell
The constitution does not provide for first and second class citizens.
Wendell Willkie
When I was a kid and going to the movies I was overwhelmed by the way women were always second-class citizens in the film.
Brit Marling
People don’t do good work when they feel like losers and are second class citizens within their own company.
Jonah Peretti
If you do not learn English in this country, you cannot get anywhere. We are in America. We are not in Mexico, we are not in China, we are not in Saudi Arabia – we speak English in this country! And what bilingual education does, is keep them from learning English, so they are doomed to be second-class citizens.
Rafael Cruz
A non-Muslim is a second-class citizen called a Kafir. You and I are Kafirs. Much of the Koran concerns itself with the Kafir – how to control us, to subjugate us and to kill us. “Islam has the mind of a psychopathic rapist and because its founder, the “prophet” Mohammed was in fact a psychopathic rapist himself.
Eric Allen
Relegating women to second-class citizenship was abolished when Jesus died on the cross.
Tony Campolo
It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens. I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people – like all human beings – are born equal in dignity and rights.
George Clooney
We all agree that marriage is a fundamental right. And in our country, and in our society, there are no second-class citizens.
Bill T. Jones
In the kingdom of God there are no second-class citizens.
David S. Baxter
Those who deny the existence of a supreme being have been turned into second-class citizens by a government that continuously sends messages that ‘real Americans’ believe in God.
Michael Newdow
I didn’t want to be discriminated against because of my gender and status. I promised myself I was never going to be treated as a second-class citizen.
Bianca Jagger
I was taught from a young age that many people would treat me as a second-class citizen because I was African-American and because I was female.
Queen Latifah
That has to come to an end and end now. No citizen is a second-class citizen in the city of Chicago. If my children are treated one way, every child is treated the same way.
Chris Hayes
Women are in many ways second-class citizens in the United States in 2016, because of the way that we’re portrayed in popular culture.
Geena Davis