Scales Of Justice Quotes

Scales Of Justice Quotes by Saint Augustine, Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare, Norah O’Donnell, Judy Sheindlin and many others.

Though in the order of nature angels rank above men, ye

Though in the order of nature angels rank above men, yet, by scale of justice, good men are of greater value than bad angels.
Saint Augustine
Why is it that in this courtroom I face a white magistrate, am confronted by a white prosecutor and escorted into the dock by a white orderly? Can anyone honestly and seriously suggest that in this type of atmosphere the scales of justice are evenly balanced?
Nelson Mandela
Poise the cause in justice’s equal scales,
Whose beam stands sure, whose rightful cause prevails.
William Shakespeare
I dont love the phrase balancing work and family. It sets up this idea of scales of justice with work on one side and family on the other side.
Norah O’Donnell
If you are trying to balance the scales of justice and equality in all your work relationships, you’re going to come up short.
Judy Sheindlin