Rhythm And Blues Quotes

Rhythm And Blues Quotes by Carl Gardner, Ronnie Spector, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Paul Westerberg, Chuck Berry and many others.

I was singing when I was five years old. My sister and

I was singing when I was five years old. My sister and I both had the talent from mom and dad, and she was in opera and I was into pop and uh, rhythm and blues, anything, I was about a four octave singer.
Carl Gardner
I love Ruth Brown, not just her singing, but Ruth Brown has more girl power than anyone, because she fought hard against people who ripped her off and then helped other artists through the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.
Ronnie Spector
When you sit down and think about what rock ‘n’ roll music really is, then you have to change that question. Played up-tempo, you call it rock ‘n’ roll; at a regular tempo, you call it rhythm and blues.
Little Richard
Everybody started calling my music rock and roll, but it wasn’t anything but the same rhythm and blues I’d been playing down in New Orleans.
Fats Domino
Having a diverse sense of taste – or lack of taste – I loved so many different things. I was drawn to the stupidity and excitement of glam, I had a thorough upbringing in rhythm and blues.
Paul Westerberg
It used to be called boogie-woogie, it used to be called blues, used to be called rhythm and blues…It’s called rock now.
Chuck Berry
Rhythm and blues used to be called race music. … This music was going on for years, but nobody paid any attention to it.
Ray Charles
I wanna show that gospel, country, blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll are all just really one thing. Those are the American music and that is the American culture.
Etta James
Our repertoire consisted of rhythm and blues, sort of country rhythm and blues, Sonny Terry things.
Ray Davies
When I started off in Wales, I sang and accompanied myself with guitar in the ’50s. And then I got a band together, which is a rhythm section, really. I used to do a lot of blues, and rhythm and blues, and ’50s rock ‘n’ roll and country, and all kinds of stuff.
Tom Jones
I came from a family where my people didn’t like rhythm and blues. Bing Crosby – “Pennies from Heaven” – Ella Fitzgerald, was all I heard.
Little Richard
We write to expose the unexposed. If there is one door in the castle you have been told not to go through, you must. The writer’s job is to turn the unspeakable into words – not just into any words, but if we can, into rhythm and blues.
Anne Lamott
I would think, to me, growing up in the south, growing up with all the gospel music, singing in the church and having that rhythm and blues – the blues background was my big inspiration.
Jackie DeShannon
I’m crazy about James Brown. I’m crazy about soul music. And then the blues. Rhythm and blues.
Bill Nighy
You can’t seperate modern jazz from rock or from rhythm and blues – you can’t seperate it. Because that’s where it all started, and that’s where it all come from – that’s where I learned to keep rhythm – in church
Art Blakey
Depending on who I am talking about or who’s talking through me – if the person is a kind of hip-hop, or rhythm and blues person, or if the person is a kind of old-fashion gothic, meaning gothic attitude, then that will determine what form the poem will take.
Maya Angelou
I wasn’t popular in school, I was Mexican, I was all these inappropriate things. I started playing the ukulele and taking it to school, and I realized people liked listening to it. I would play it to comfort myself at home, and I’d play rhythm and blues songs that had four chords. That’s how it started.
Joan Baez