Research And Development Quotes

Research And Development Quotes by Ernest Istook, Akio Morita, Judith Hill, Michael K. Simpson, Edward Snowden, Maurice Strong and many others.

Research and development needs permanent tax credits to

Research and development needs permanent tax credits to build the technology that spurs our growth. But no government programs alone can get America’s students to study more science and math parents must push and help their children to meet this goal.
Ernest Istook
Of course we have to make a profit, but we have to make a profit over the long haul, not just the short term, and that means we must keep investing in research and development – it has run consistently about 6 percent of sales at Sony – and in service.
Akio Morita
Fighting cancer is my mission right now. The research and development of finding cures for this nasty disease is my passion.
Judith Hill
While I recognize the great value and importance of prescription drugs and strongly support a continued U.S. focus on pharmaceutical research and development, our nation’s seniors cannot be asked to subsidize the drug costs of other wealthy industrialized nations any longer.
Michael K. Simpson
US spend more on research and development than the other countries, so we shouldn’t be making the internet a more hostile, a more aggressive territory.
Edward Snowden
I’ve developed a huge regard for Toyota for its environmental awareness, for its immense commitment to research and development in this field, and for its leadership in developing hybrids which others are now following.
Maurice Strong
The irony here is this administration is spending more money on climate change research and development than any administration in all the rest of the industrialized world combined.
Christine Todd Whitman
As the new endogenous growth theory suggests, TFP growth is closely related to accumulation of the intangible capitals, such as human capital and research and development.
Toshihiko Fukui
There’s not much value to us attacking Chinese systems. We might take a few computers offline. We might take a factory offline. We might steal secrets from a university research programs, and even something high-tech. But how much more does the United States spend on research and development than China does?
Edward Snowden
If the kingdom of God had departments, we’d want to work in research and development. We felt like Jesus didn’t hang out at the synagogue, he hung out at wells. Coffeehouses are postmodern wells. Let’s not wait for people to come to us, let’s go to them.
Mark Batterson
Starving research and development is like eating the seed corn.
Mitt Romney
Huge sums are invested globally in medical research and development – and with good reason.
Geoff Mulgan
Drug companies say they need to charge ever-higher prices to cover their research costs, but they spend far less on research and development than they do on marketing and administration, and afterwards they actually keep more in profits.
Marcia Angell
The industrial processes in use today were developed at a time when no one had to consider what the environmental impact was. Who cared? But making ecological concerns matter to a company’s bottom line will help it do the research and development that will reinvent everything we buy.
Daniel Goleman
Serious research and development efforts are required to produce technologies, strategies, organizations, and trained personnel who can go into failed states, work with our allies and friends, and promote the political and economic reforms that will meet popular needs and reduce the sources of terrorism and conflict.
Wesley Clark
Babies and young children are like the research and development division of the human species, and we grown-ups are production and marketing.
Alison Gopnik
Manufacturers account for nearly 60 percent of all industrial research and development.
John Engler