Power Of One Quotes

Power Of One Quotes by Bryce Courtenay, Randolph Bourne, Bill Maher, Alyson Noel, Jack Kemp, Mother Teresa and many others.

Sometimes, very occasionally, you do your best boxing w

Sometimes, very occasionally, you do your best boxing with your mouth.
Bryce Courtenay
A cultivation of the powers of one’s personality is one of the greatest needs of life.
Randolph Bourne
The “Power of One” is a slogan–not a goal.
Bill Maher
Where there is life, there is hope.
Alyson Noel
The power of one man or one woman doing the right thing for the right reason, and at the right time, is the greatest influence in our society.
Jack Kemp
If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
Mother Teresa
Always listen to yourself. It is better to be wrong than to simply follow convention. If you are wrong, no matter, you have learned something and you will grow stronger. If you are right, you have taken another step toward a fulfilling life.
Bryce Courtenay
Get friends involved. Get the community to take action. Everyone cannot do everything but each of you can do one thing.
Somaly Mam
Never, ever lose sight of the power of one individual American. They can have an unbelievable magnifying affect just by the very fact they make up their mind to do so!
H. L. Richardson
Those who take action have a disproportionate impact. The power of one is to move many.
Elizabeth May
Knowledge is power-and power of one sort or another is the secret lust of human souls; and here is, beside the sense of exploration, the undefinable interest of a story, and above all, something forbidden, to stimulate the contumacious appetite.
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
I believe in the power of one.
Gary Hirshberg
It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free Country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective Constitutional spheres; avoiding in the exercise of the Powers of one department to encroach upon another.
George Washington
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
Dr. Seuss
To be infatuated with the power of one’s own intellect is an accident which seldom happens but to those who are remarkable for the want of intellectual power. Whenever Nature leaves a hole in a person’s mind, she generally plasters it over with a thick coat of self-conceit.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The power of one! If I can’t stop war in my life, how can I expect politicians to stop war in the world? I can’t. And we all have equal wisdom, so if I can do it then I know that anyone can do it if their mind is open to answering just four simple questions and beginning there.
Byron Katie
The Power of One Hail Mary can change the world. In all our efforts and endeavors, we can never underestimate the power of prayer, and must always rely upon the help of God. In a special way we commend our efforts to the Mother of God and our own Blessed Mother.
Thomas Vose Daily