Power Of Nature Quotes

Power Of Nature Quotes by Adam Sedgwick, Peter Lik, Frederick Soddy, Miyamoto Musashi, Thomas A. Edison, William Wordsworth and many others.

The powers of nature are never in repose; her work neve

The powers of nature are never in repose; her work never stands still.
Adam Sedgwick
The purpose of all my photos is to capture the power of nature and convey it in a way that inspires someone to feel passionate and connected to the image.
Peter Lik
With all our mastery over the powers of Nature we have adhered to the view that the struggle for existence is a permanent and necessary condition of life.
Frederick Soddy
When you appreciate the power of nature, knowing the rhythm of any situation, you will be able to hit the enemy naturally and strike naturally.
Miyamoto Musashi
I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.
Thomas A. Edison
Careless of books, yet having felt the power
Of Nature, by the gentle agency
Of natural objects, led me on to feel
For passions that were not my own, and think
(At random and imperfectly indeed)
On man, the heart of man, and human life.
William Wordsworth
The powers of nature are so great, and our power is so inept. So,in order to cope with the incredible anxiety that human self-consciousness produced, I think we created God in our own image, and then portrayed this God as having supernatural power that we didn’t have.
John Shelby Spong
Politics, differences of religion or race, all that fades away when we are confronted with the awesome power of nature, and we’re reminded that all we have is each other.
Barack Obama
It has been asserted, that a moral Atheist would be a monster beyond the power of nature to create: I reply, that it is not more strange for an Atheist to live virtuously, than for a Christian to abandon himself to crime! If we believe the last kind of monster, why dispute the existence of the first?
Pierre Bayle
The power of nature exists in its silence. Human words cannot encode the meaning because human language has access only to the shadow of meaning.
Malidoma Patrice Some
Art is the employent of the powers of nature for an end.
John Stuart Mill
The mechanisms of vis medicatrix naturæ—the most healing power of nature—are so effective that most diseases are self-terminating.
Rene Dubos
capital cannot be more beneficially employed, then in strengthening and aiding the productive powers of nature.
Jean-Baptiste Say
For two are the mystical pillars, that stand at the gate of the shrine, And two are the powers of Nature, the forms and the forces divine.
Doreen Valiente
Mere goodness can achieve little against the power of nature.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
When your situation has gone beyond the power of nature, it has become a curse. Who can remove a curse but Jesus Christ?
T. B. Joshua
Persuade yourselves, that the faith of the gospel is beyond the power of nature; that there is a necessity of a power from on high to bring you to believe. This will raze the old foundation, and cause you to look up for it.
Thomas Boston