Performing On Stage Quotes

Performing On Stage Quotes by Cher Lloyd, Shane Filan, Prince Royce, Haley Reinhart, Lucy Hale, George Harrison and many others.

I don't care about the charts; I just want to make grea

I don’t care about the charts; I just want to make great music that I enjoy performing on stage and I’m proud of.
Cher Lloyd
The adrenaline of performing on stage to a crowd – there’s nothing like it.
Shane Filan
I always saw myself performing on stage and the girls yelling out my name.
Prince Royce
Performing on stage is what I’ve done since I was a kid and it’s where the passion that has started from the very beginning for me, and that’s what I’m going to enjoy.
Haley Reinhart
I just love the thrill of performing on stage. I believe that singing is something I was put here to do.
Lucy Hale
I do believe in growing old gracefully, and when the time comes that I would look silly performing on stage, I’ll be prepared to give it up without regrets.
George Harrison
I have never wanted to give up performing on stage, but one day the tours will be over.
Mick Jagger
Starting in music, where I get a chance to connect with the lyrics of a song, I learned so much about performing on stage and connecting to your audience and to what you’re singing about. Singing is very emotional. Every song has its own purpose.
Naturi Naughton