Nothing Lasts Forever Quotes

Nothing Lasts Forever Quotes by Willie Nelson, Emily Giffin, Rumi, Paulo Coelho, Rick Riordan, Paul Stewart and many others.

Nothing lasts forever, but old Fords and a natural ston

Nothing lasts forever, but old Fords and a natural stone.
Willie Nelson
but i am content to live in the moment, and allow myself the daily pleasure of obsessing. nothing lasts forever, i tell myself. especially the good stuff. although typically you aren’t faced with a hard deadline
Emily Giffin
Do not look back,
No one knows how the world ever began.
Do not fear the future, Nothing lasts forever.
If you dwell on the past or future,
You will miss the moment.
Nothing lasts forever … pain and troubles included.
Paulo Coelho
Nothing lasts forever, not even the best machines. And everything can be reused. – Hephaestus
Rick Riordan
Everything passes. Joy. Pain. The moment of triumph; the sigh of despair. Nothing lasts forever – not even this.
Paul Stewart
Nothing lasts forever. Highs, lows, it’s all fine. A little gentler with it. Because I really used to think things going well, for some reasons, would be much more terrifying internally than things being a bit chaotic for me.
Emma Stone
Nothing lasts forever but we always try, and I just can’t help but wonder why we let it pass us by
Amanda Marshall
Nothing in the world is permanent, and we’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we’re still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it.
W. Somerset Maugham
Nothing’s forever forever’s a lie. All we have is what’s between hello and goodbye.
Marilyn Bergman
Hey, Nana… people’s feelings change easily… what you see is a house of cards… nothing’s sure, and nothing lasts forever.
Ai Yazawa
Nothing lasts forever – except forever. That’s the good news. It’s a good thing that nothing lasts forever because things would get terribly boring.
Frederick Lenz
Never’ is too much of a word. Nothing lasts forever.
Martin Van Creveld
In life, and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever.
Peyton Manning
Nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change
Bruce Dickinson
Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible.
Nhat Hanh
Nothing lasts forever
Sidney Sheldon