Note To Self Quotes

Note To Self Quotes by Ben Horowitz, Norm MacDonald, John Carmack, Jeaniene Frost, Danica McKellar, Mark Hart and many others.

Note to self: It’s a good idea to ask, “What am I not d

Note to self: It’s a good idea to ask, “What am I not doing?
Ben Horowitz
Note to self: no matter how bad life gets, there’s always beer.
Norm MacDonald
Note to self: Pasty-skinned programmers ought not stand in the Mojave desert for multiple hours.
John Carmack
Note to self: Don’t get on Veritas’s bad side. She holds a grudge for centuries.
Jeaniene Frost
Note to self: When noticing flyaway hairs, do not use lip gloss as an ‘on-the-go’ hair gel.
Danica McKellar
Note to self: If you can’t hear God when you pray, shut up.
Mark Hart
Note to self… Sex with blow-up doll is not as good as advertised.
Norm MacDonald
Boys! Are they always this impossible? Do they always say cryptic, indecipherable things? (Note to self: work with Liz to adapt her boy-to-English translator into a more mobile form—like maybe a watch or necklace.)
Ally Carter
Note to self-give serious thought to becoming an alcoholic.
Jill Shalvis
During that Grammy moment, when I nearly collapsed, I was thinking, Are you kidding me? I’ve always been really good with my heels. Even pregnant, I could perform in heels. Note to self: Never wear a train onstage.
Christina Aguilera
Note to self on waking. Lay off the beer on an empty stomach. This dream is even more screwed up than the time I had a donkey and a corkscrew. (Aiden) Donkey and a corkscrew? (Leta) I don’t know you well enough to fill you in on those details. (Aiden)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I gave him a smile. I was aiming for sweet, but he turned a shade paler and scooted a bit farther from me. Note to self: work more on sweet and less on psycho-killer.
Ilona Andrews
Note to self: It’s hard to attain a state of no-mind when you’re incredibly pumped up on tea and sugar and have to urinate every three and a half minutes.
Jordan Sonnenblick
Note to self: Rachel Morgan is a totally awesome liar.
Ally Carter
Note to Self – Thoughts design my energy! My thoughts WILL design the energy
that moves me!
Alan Rufus
Oh.’ I shot upright. ‘I was in Mongolia.’ Note to self: learn to be a less extreme liar.
Ally Carter
The only clothes Amanda has are the ones on her back. (Kyrian) From what I saw, she had no clothes whatsoever on her back. Her front neither. (Nick) One day, Gaitor bait… (Kyrian) Note to self- be nice to woman, keep mouth shut. (Nick)
Sherrilyn Kenyon