Next Door Neighbors Quotes

Next Door Neighbors Quotes by Harvey Fierstein, Joyce Carol Oates, Umberto Eco, Gary Johnson, Jodi Sweetin, Rex Smith and many others.

CBS really wants me on TV. That's their aim. My aim is

CBS really wants me on TV. That’s their aim. My aim is to have an all-gay sitcom someday, with heterosexuals as token guest stars. Let them be the next-door neighbors for a change.
Harvey Fierstein
I think whenever we think of our hometowns, we tend to think of very specific people: with whom you rode on the school bus, who was your next door neighbor you were playing with, who your girlfriend was. It’s always something very specific.
Joyce Carol Oates
A writer writes for writers, a non-writer writes for his next-door neighbor or for the manager of the local bank branch, and he fears (often mistakenly) that they would not understand or, in any case, would not forgive his boldness.
Umberto Eco
My next door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.
Gary Johnson
I actually never auditioned for ‘Full House.’ I had done a guest appearance on ‘Valerie’ as the next door neighbor’s niece, and from that I got into ‘Full House.’ I was only five years old, and I was on the show until I was 13.
Jodi Sweetin
I was named after the next-door neighbor’s German shepherd. It was either that or Cadillac Smith.
Rex Smith
Whether [people] run their own business, work for a business, go out there, pay their taxes and see the money wasted, fed up with the money going to the next door neighbor sitting permanently on out of work benefits. There needs to be a coalition of change.
George Osborne
Virtue and vice, evil and good, are siblings, or next-door neighbors, Easy to make mistakes, hard to tell them apart.
Welsh is an actual, currently used language and our next-door neighbors Angela and Gaenor spoke it. It sounds like Wizard.
Maureen Johnson
I used to dress up and impersonate our next-door neighbor, Miss Cox. She wore rubber boots, a wool hat, and her nose always dripped.
Tracey Ullman
When combined, the small individual contributors of caring, friendship, forgiveness, and love, each of us different from our next-door neighbors, can form a phalanx, an army, with great capability.
Jimmy Carter
What are Fred and I? Next door neighbors?
J. K. Rowling
You may talk of the tyranny of Nero and Tiberius; but the real tyranny is the tyranny of your next-door neighbor.
Walter Bagehot
I’m sick of very white teeth and lots of gymnasium practice. I’m bored, you know, send in the next one. I wanted a real man that I could believe was my brother, my father, you know, my next-door neighbor – a real person.
Tim Roth
They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.
Sarah Palin
I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?
Mother Teresa
Serve your neighbors (like your next-door neighbors). It’s a good way to get to know them better and show them what Jesus is about.
Matt Hammitt