Need A Change Quotes

Need A Change Quotes by John Legend, Caldwell Esselstyn, Thomas Sowell, Alex Sanchez, Mark Ruffalo, Taiichi Ohno and many others.

I think it's not enough for us to extend the hand of lo

I think it’s not enough for us to extend the hand of love. I think it’s important that that goes both ways. It’s important also that we look at policies we need to change as well.
John Legend
As a physician, I am embarrassed by my profession’s lack of interest in healthier lifestyles. We need to change the way we approach chronic disease.
Caldwell Esselstyn
Someone once defined a social problem as a situation in which the real world differs from the theories of intellectuals. To the intelligentsia, it follows, as the night follows the day, that it is the real world that is wrong and which needs to change.
Thomas Sowell
Anyone who expects a person to change something as private and personal as who they hold in their arms at night needs to change their own judgmental attitude.
Alex Sanchez
We’re clearly coming to the end of the fossil fuel era. We have the technology to shift to renewable energy, we have the will of the people. The only thing that’s keeping us back is the fossil fuel industry’s hold on our political system. That’s what we need to change.
Mark Ruffalo
If you are going to do TPS you must do it all the way. You also need to change the way you think. You need to change how you look at things.
Taiichi Ohno
I’m realizing, you don’t need to change anything about yourself. This is who you are, and it’s okay. That’s daring.
Uzo Aduba
Next generation leaders are those who would rather challenge what needs to change and pay the price than remain silent and die on the inside
Andy Stanley
I believe that in any initiative, you can’t have a flavor of the month. When you believe something is profound in a company, you can not be a logical leader. You have to go to the lunatic fringe. There is no way that logic is what you need to change people.
Jack Welch
It has long been a bug bear of mine… it needs to change, very simply.
Lucinda Creighton
If our thinking is clear, how could work or money be the problem? Our thinking is all we need to change.
Byron Katie
Leaders never outgrow the need to change.
John C. Maxwell
After all, it’s me that needs to change, not my circumstances.
Mike Donehey
The president feels not only do we need to change these rogue regimes, but even our friendly allies, who really basically have, sort of, benign dictatorships, need to get with the program if they want to have long-term security and prosperity from terrorism.
Mitch McConnell
I rationalize shop. I buy a dress because I need change for gum.
Rita Rudner
Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death. The landscape changes, the people change, our needs change, but the train keeps moving. Life is the train, not the station.
Paulo Coelho
YouВ need to change your mind from sell sell sell to help help help and if you can do that as a business you will win in social media
Mark Schaefer