My Number One Quotes

My Number One Quotes by Courtney Love, Luis Fonsi, Linda McMahon, Manny Jacinto, John Waters, Adam Page and many others.

My number one thing to work on is not being reactive -

My number one thing to work on is not being reactive – but appropriateness doesn’t come easily to me sometimes.
Courtney Love
My daughter is my number one fan. She has always been incredibly supportive, and she tells like it is and how it is.
Luis Fonsi
My number one philosophy for leadership is leadership by example. If you are not willing to do it yourself, how can you show others how to do it?
Linda McMahon
My dad is literally – and I love him so much – he is my number one fan.
Manny Jacinto
For a meal out, my number one restaurant is Peter’s Inn. I first went there when it was an old biker bar. Believe me, when it was Motorcycle Pete’s, that was fun. I had my 30th birthday there.
John Waters
My number one goal has always been to try to tell interesting, cohesive, long-term stories.
Adam Page
When I get ready with my friends before going out, they will always do their base before their eyes. Whereas, my number one rule is to always apply your eye make-up first, followed by your base make-up. This way if the eyeshadow trickles down, you can wipe it away without ruining the rest of your face.
Rochelle Humes
Basketball was always my sport. It just took me until my second year of college for me to realize that I was a better baseball player than a basketball player. But basketball was always my number one love. Finally found out I was better at baseball and chose to pursue that route.
Curtis Granderson
For me, my number one priority always has to be the music, and I’m going to work school around my music – not music around my school.
Scotty McCreery
Richard Burton is my number one idol. One, because we come from very similar backgrounds and two, because of his fantastic talent.
Aneurin Barnard
Music is my number one, it’s my life, it’s my everything. I’m enjoying challenging myself; I want to raise the bar and set a new standard for Australian pop artists.
Ricki-Lee Coulter
From the first day I got signed to WWE, being the champion was always my number one goal, and after years of consistent hard work both mentally and physically, ups and downs, I was finally in that moment I had dreamt and thought about so much!
I want to become one of the songwriting greats. That’s my number one goal.
Kim Petras
My number one priority as governor is to ensure the safety and well-being of the people of our state.
John Bel Edwards
Certainly there were so many different people I had as heroes growing up. Steve Martin is always my number one. David Letterman’s show, that was important. And ‘Saturday Night Live,’ obviously.
Will Forte
My number one idol will always be Rihanna. She has everything I want to be.
My family is my number one priority.
Oren Etzioni