Millions Of Dollars Quotes

Millions Of Dollars Quotes by Henry Rollins, Dave Chappelle, Dagen McDowell, Zaza Pachulia, Karl Malone, Katy Perry and many others.

We spend millions of dollars to remove pain from our li

We spend millions of dollars to remove pain from our lives. It’s why so many people get hooked on painkillers. The body becomes addicted to painlessness. That tells you a lot.
Henry Rollins
One of the things that happens when people make the leap from a certain amount of money to tens of millions of dollars is that the people around you dramatically change.
Dave Chappelle
I wish people would go and just read about this man’s life – about David Koch’s life… Of the literally hundreds of millions of dollars that he has given to a variety of different hospitals.
Dagen McDowell
Of course money is important. Very important. Important to everybody. If I said it wasn’t, I’d be lying. Especially because it’s not like I’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars in my career.
Zaza Pachulia
You’re a professional. You don’t need for me to break a film down for you. If you want to stop the guy you’re playing, they pay you millions of dollars. You get you a TV and break the player down yourself.
Karl Malone
The press is just not your friend when it comes to a marriage. That’s why we didn’t sell the pictures of our wedding, and we got offered millions of dollars for them, millions.
Katy Perry
I think a lot of bands go on way past the point where they’re relevant. Some of them keep doing it because they’re making millions of dollars. Or people are afraid – they don’t know what else to do. It’s scary to get out of a relationship of any kind.
Dean Wareham
They offered me millions and millions and millions of dollars to write books about Cary. That was between us. That was private. I’ll always love him.
Dyan Cannon
If I had not played basketball and made the millions of dollars that I had made, I would never have been able to build a hospital in Congo. It started in 1997, and 10 years later I was able to unveil the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital, named after my mother, in my hometown outside of Kinshasa. It was such a blessing.
Dikembe Mutombo
The people of the Southern States now own near five millions of these negroes, and they are worth to them near three millions of dollars.
John H. Reagan
This is not a country where we look lightly at tens of millions of dollars in lost direct costs in restructuring entire industries, and say, well, that’s not irreparable harm, it doesn’t concern us.
Eugene Scalia
I get to do what I want. And I get paid millions of dollars to do it.
Jake Paul
I want an opportunity to fight the best in the world and make millions of dollars doing it.
Eddie Alvarez
Here is what the practical impact of Citizens United means. What Citizens United means is that corporations call hundreds of millions of dollars into television ads, radio ads, and other forms of advertising to defeat those candidates who stand up and take them on.
Bernie Sanders
Transnational organized cybercriminal groups have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from financial institutions and ordinary citizens.
Dmitri Alperovitch
Cell-based meat, or ‘clean’ meat – real meat produced in labs – has not become a commercial product yet. But analysts expect it to hit the shelves in 2021 or soon thereafter, and start-ups in this space, such as Memphis Meats, have raised tens of millions of dollars.
Annie Lowrey
It would be a lot cheaper for me not to have to raise tens of millions of dollars to elect progressive candidates who will raise my taxes.
Chris Sacca