Love My Kids Quotes

Love My Kids Quotes by Francis Chan, Dorothy Nolte, Dennis Miller, Patricia Arquette, Jerry Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman and many others.

I am just an earthly sinful father & I love my kids so

I am just an earthly sinful father & I love my kids so much it hurts. How could I not trust a heavenly, perfect Father who loves me infinitely more than I will ever love my kids?
Francis Chan
Children do learn what they live. Then they grow up to live what they’ve learned.
Dorothy Nolte
Then people ask me if I’m worried about the effects of global warming on my kids. Well, obviously I love my kids and I want them to live to be a 100. So that’s another 1.8. My kids’ kids? Three point six. I’ll just tell them we moved to Phoenix.
Dennis Miller
I know I love my kids and I know they love me. I know I have beautiful friends and a great family, and I know I’ve been really blessed in this life.
Patricia Arquette
I love my kids and would rather be with them than anyone in the whole wide world.
Jerry Hall
I want to live with that sense with the music I make, with the art I make, with the way I love my kids, with the way I am a father and a husband and a friend and a follower of Christ, I want to live with reckless abandonment to the truth of the Gospel.
Steven Curtis Chapman
I love my wife, I love my kids.
Ted McGinley
I love my kids, I’m a proud father, a happy husband, and all of that. I live my life with my wife as a normal person, and that’s that.
Kevin Federline
I love my kids; I’m very close to all three of them.
Mike Huckabee
~I think what surprised me the most about motherhood, as sentimental as it sounds, is how much I love my kids. I mean, I just can’t believe it. It’s like a whole new dimension in emotion that I’ve never experienced.~
Gwyneth Paltrow
The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
Theodore Hesburgh
My kids will grow up in a house knowing that it’s perfectly normal for two men to be in love, it’s perfectly normal for two women to be in love. My kids will grow up knowing it’s all about love. It doesn’t matter who you’re with and everyone should have that experience.
Tori Spelling
I love my family and I love my kids, but when the moments come, it’s not as though you can just substitute your own life with what you’re doing on film. You have to go to some other place where it’s bigger than your own life.
Tom Hanks
They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.
Bil Keane
I cannot believe how much I love my kid. It’s a beautiful thing.
Scott Baio
I love my kids. I’m crazy about them.
Colin Farrell
I love my kids with all my heart and the last thing I want to worry about is the air they breathe.
Julianne Moore