Living My Life Quotes

Living My Life Quotes by Manny Pacquiao, Tracy Chapman, Nomi Prins, Chelsea Manning, Selena Gomez, Charles de Foucauld and many others.

I live my life like everyday is my last.

I live my life like everyday is my last.
Manny Pacquiao
I may be revered or defamed and decried; But I tried to live my life right.
Tracy Chapman
In today’s world where, more than ever, the ongoing concentration of money and power in the hands of a self-selected few, relies on political and public apathy, Live My Life provides a much needed shot of timely, thought-provoking, musically forward, irreverence to the status quo.
Nomi Prins
I am merely asking for a first chance to live my life outside the [U.S. Disciplinary Barracks] as the person I was born to be.
Chelsea Manning
I feel like I should be able to be 18 and have the friends that I choose and to have fun and live my life.
Selena Gomez
As soon as I came to believe there was a God, I understood that I could not do otherwise than live only for him.
Charles de Foucauld
I don’t let negative attitudes and meanness from other people keep me from living my life.
Ruby Gettinger
I made a conscious decision to live my life the best way I could and that meant to publicise myself as little as possible.
Keira Knightley
I think a lot of the way I live my life is not just for me, which has sometimes been a burden. A lot of the choices I make are in order to make them [my parents] proud.
Kelli O’Hara
I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.
Rainer Maria Rilke
I think my children have presented one of the biggest lessons so far in my life. It was only when my kids were born that I realized just how much I’d been living my life worried about what everybody thought of me and, even more strangely, worried about what I imagined other people might be thinking about me.
Grant Bowler
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
Dr. Seuss
One must picture everything in the world as an enigma, and live in the world as if in a vast museum of strangeness.
Giorgio de Chirico
I spend half my time just living my life, and the other half analyzing it.
David Schwimmer
I am my own person caoable of making my own decisions and choosing powerfully how i live. I appreciate and respect what others have to say but ultimately I choose how I live my life.
Miranda Kerr
People ask me: “Do I consider myself to be a Latino writer?” “What does it mean to be Latino?” Those are very strange questions to answer , but feminism is easier because it’s just an ideology, a way I live my life. And absolutely in the most political sense I try to sit down and write very strong female roles.
Quiara Alegria Hudes
Some actors have to make a choice. If they have the opportunity to become these huge megastars, making millions and millions of dollars and have to live a lie, that’s a choice they have to make. Not that I would ever be a big star, but I just had to live my life the way I saw fit.
Bryan Batt