Knee Jerk Reactions Quotes

Knee Jerk Reactions Quotes by Maria Bartiromo, Edward Abbey, Jenny Slate, John Hawkes, Junot Diaz, Ray Dalio and many others.

I was at CNBC for 20 years. I felt really great about c

I was at CNBC for 20 years. I felt really great about covering the stock market, being on the floor, watching the daily knee-jerk reactions to the stock market..but the last three years, being at Fox, I’ve grown. I’ve learned more.
Maria Bartiromo
The only thing worse than a knee-jerk liberal is a knee-pad conservative.
Edward Abbey
When I’m on stage, and when I’m comfortable or uncomfortable, I have sort of a knee-jerk reaction to try to make people laugh. It’s my version of a handshake to show that I want to make a connection and to show what I’m truly like. It’s kind of my statement like, “This is what I’m really like. I’d like you to love me.”
Jenny Slate
It’s tough being an actor making music, because even I have a knee-jerk reaction to that.
John Hawkes
In minority communities there’s a sensitivity, often a knee-jerk reaction, to critical representations. There’s a misunderstanding of what an artist does.
Junot Diaz
Since the only way you are going to find solutions to painful problems is by thinking deeply about them – i.e., reflecting – if you can develop a knee-jerk reaction to pain that is to reflect rather than to fight or flee, it will lead to your rapid learning/evolving.
Ray Dalio
Diplomacy is unfashionable in the world of knee-jerk reaction and the dogmatic sound bite on television.
Douglas Hurd
When I look back on my knee-jerk reactions now, I realize I should have just taken a breath.
Fred Durst