Just Say No Quotes

Just Say No Quotes by Frank Zappa, Terence McKenna, Mark Russell, Doc Childre, Christofer Drew, Adam Ant and many others.

I don't expect that Albert Gore is going to become pres

I don’t expect that Albert Gore is going to become president, and I certainly hope we never see Tipper Gore in the White House. Can you imagine Tipper saying, “Just say no”?
Frank Zappa
The “just say no” campaign at this point is a lot like drawing sea-monsters over certain unexplored areas of the map and expecting people to stay away. It may work for some, but explorers live for this kind of thing.
Terence McKenna
The Republicans have a new healthcare proposal: Just say NO to illness!
Mark Russell
Learning to “just say no” to emotional reactions isn’t repression. Saying no means not engaging the frustration, anger, judgment, or blame. Without engagement, you won’t have anything to repress.
Doc Childre
I don’t believe that weed is a drug. I believe its herbal medicine. I’ll smoke that occasionally and I definitely back marijuana but anything harder than that, I just say no to and I encourage kids to say no to hard drugs.
Christofer Drew
I’ve learned to really just say no. If I don’t want to do something, I won’t do it. There’s nothing that can make me do anything.
Adam Ant
Republicans: the party that brought us ‘Just Say No.’ First as a drug policy, then as their entire platform.
Stephen Colbert
Americans are gathering the courage to just say no. We are saying no to addictive consumer lifestyles. We are saying no to wars and corporate takeover and the IMF loans that gobble up people and their resources.
Cynthia McKinney
The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.
Tony Blair
The answer is, of course, to simplify, to prioritize, and in some cases, to use a well-known phrase, “Just say no!” But actually doing it may prove to be one of the real challenges in our complicated, overheated lives.
M. Russell Ballard
I don’t believe in waiting for a horse to do the wrong thing and then punishing him after the fact. You can’t just say no to a horse. You have to redirect a negative behavior with a positive one, something that works for both of you. It’s as though you’re saying – instead of doing that, we can do this together.
Buck Brannaman
There are a lot of things that we crave, there are a lot of things that would make us perhaps more fulfilled in a sensory way that we just say no to.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I could be working 300 hours a week. I just say no. The power of slow is the power of no. I can’t go to every party I get invited to. I can’t do every work thing.
Carl Honore
When your thoughts come and you’re trying to stop them, simply say “No”. Learn the mantra “No”. Every time a thought comes in your mind … just say no.
Frederick Lenz
If somebody offers you Hapi pills, just say no!
Rick Riordan
All day long you see those commercials: ‘Here’s Your Brain, Just Say No’…and the next commercial is: ‘This Bud’s For You.’
Bill Hicks
Very successful people say no to almost everything.
Warren Buffett