Jobs In America Quotes

Jobs In America Quotes by Mark Shields, Larry Goetz, George W. Bush, Benjamin Barber, Charles Barkley, Dana Perino and many others.

There is no tougher job in America than being a cop on

There is no tougher job in America than being a cop on the beat in a major city in this country, big and brawling.
Mark Shields
Officiating is the only job in America that everybody knows how to do better than the guy who is doing it.
Larry Goetz
If you’re a single mother with two children, which is the toughest job in America as far as I’m concerned, and you’re working hard to put food on your family.
George W. Bush
By the laws of the land, people who come looking for jobs in America are illegal. But by the laws of economics, they are following the logic and laws of economics when they leave Guatemala and go to Mexico, leave Mexico and come to the U.S., leave Africa and go to Spain and Europe looking for jobs.
Benjamin Barber
To me, there’s only 5 real jobs in America: Police Officers, Teachers, Firefighters, Doctors, and the Military Service.
Charles Barkley
Hardest job in America is being a single mom. There are a lot of them and a lot of them in Baltimore and I think that they absolutely do their best. They can’t keep continue to do their best if businesses flee the city.
Dana Perino
Every president, Democratic or Republican, simply works on the supposition that it’s better to keep jobs in America than let them go to Mexico.
Paul Bloom
Our teachers at the public school level are the most underpaid for the importance of their job in America.
Dean Smith
When I was in the Senate, I had a number of trade deals that came before me, and I held them all to the same test. Will they create jobs in America? Will they raise incomes in America? And are they good for our national security? Some of them I voted for.
Hillary Clinton
I don’t think we do a great job in America any more of distinguishing between campaigns and governance. We live in an environment that’s all campaign all of the time and it’s helpful, now that we’ve moved beyond a campaign and an election to get into a governance posture.
Benjamin E. Sasse
Let’s stand up for taxpayers, let’s stand up for consumers, and let’s stand up for small businesses, which create most of the jobs in America.
Hillary Clinton