Jerry Springer Show Quotes

Jerry Springer Show Quotes by Marilyn Manson, Max von Essen, Natalie Portman, Neil Gaiman and many others.

In the end we're all Jerry Springer Show guests, really

In the end we’re all Jerry Springer Show guests, really, we just haven’t been on the show.
Marilyn Manson
, I have a friend living as a woman. But she’s almost too “normal,” to be quite frank. I’m not relying on her, because “The Jerry Springer Show” has such huge characters. I’m trying to come up with a little more dysfunction than that.
Max von Essen
By the physicality alone it was evident that we have one person [who] is incredibly smart, incredibly tough, and able to deal with him in a very, very calm and intelligent manner. And [Donald Trump] thought he was on The Jerry Springer Show.
Natalie Portman
You know how is it when you love someone? And the hard part, the bad part, the Jerry Springer Show part is that you never stop loving someone. There’s always a piece of them in your heart.
Neil Gaiman