International Space Station Quotes

International Space Station Quotes by John Glenn, Victor J. Glover, Sunita Williams, Andy Weir, Peggy Whitson, Conan O’Brien and many others.

Because now, you know, it's going to be a number of yea

Because now, you know, it’s going to be a number of years yet before we have our own new boosters and new spacecraft to go to our own International Space Station and proceed with all the research that we spent $100 billion putting up there to give us that research capability for the future for people right here on Earth.
John Glenn
But thanks to the International Space Station, we’re able to study the effects of weightlessness and develop countermeasures in orbit, close to Earth.
Victor J. Glover
The International Space Station is a great place to live for a year.
Sunita Williams
Planets look about the same here as they do to you on the Earth because we really aren’t that much closer. Our home, the International Space Station, orbits around the Earth at about 200 miles.
Sunita Williams
If someone offered me a free trip to the International Space Station, I would decline. I like Earth. I like the internet. I like Diet Coke. I have cats. I write about brave people – I’m not one of them.
Andy Weir
One of the things I think is really cool that we’re testing on board the International Space Station is the water reclamation system.
Peggy Whitson
It was reported today that the machine on board the International Space Station that turns urine into drinking water has been fixed. After hearing this, an astronaut said, ‘Wait. You mean that wasn’t lemon Tang?’
Conan O’Brien
We’ve learned a lot by building the International Space Station, the good, the bad. But, the fact is is that working together as a team, unity aboard that space station, we can accomplish great things.
Gene Kranz
Now with the international space station generating a bunch of video, and Space X and other companies pursuing private space flight, I think it’s on all of our radars much more than it has been since the moonshots. The science of filmmaking is making these visions possible now.
Jon Spaihts
While we’ve taken seeds into space, and astronauts on the International Space Station have eaten lettuce they’ve grown, we haven’t produced fruit in space, so we can’t pollinate something.
Helen Sharman
If the United States commits to the goal of reaching Mars, it will almost certainly do so in reaction to the progress of other nations – as was the case with NASA, the Apollo program, and the project that became the International Space Station.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
It keeps startling me that at the beginning of this 21st century, at a time when we can . . . explore the depths of the seas and build an international space station, we have not been able to make childbirth safe for all women around the world. … This is one of the greatest social causes of our time.
Thoraya Obaid
Having three operational vehicles in the fleet affords the shuttle program great schedule flexibility as we move toward flying safely and completing the international space station.
Wayne Hale
CASIS has to succeed because for it not to succeed would be a huge setback for the International Space Station program.
Alan Stern
For the first time American astronauts on the International Space Station ate vegetables grown in space. In other words, even space is getting more rain than California.
Conan O’Brien
I think both the space shuttle program and the International Space Station program have not really lived up to their expectations.
Buzz Aldrin
We continue to not only operate the International Space Station but to increase its capabilities as well as commercial contributions.
Ellen Ochoa