Inspiration And Creativity Quotes

Inspiration And Creativity Quotes by Walt Disney, Dee Hock, Zig Ziglar, Stephen King, Edgar Degas, Belva Davis and many others.

Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long.
Walt Disney
Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.
Dee Hock
If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
Zig Ziglar
you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.
Stephen King
Drawing is not what you see but what you must make others see.
Edgar Degas
If you can dream it, you can make it so.
Belva Davis
Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso
You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.
Albert Einstein
This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
Henry David Thoreau
Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.
Erich Fromm
If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh
Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better.
John Updike
Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.
Bill Moyers
Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.
Barbara Kingsolver
Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
Thomas A. Edison
A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
John F. Kennedy
The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.
Dee Hock