Illusions Of Grandeur Quotes

Illusions Of Grandeur Quotes by Eugene Ionesco, Hugh Nibley, Edwin Louis Cole, Jane Wagner, Alfred Tarski, John James Audubon and many others.

Many people have delusions of grandeur but you're delud

Many people have delusions of grandeur but you’re deluded by triviality.
Eugene Ionesco
Knowledge can be heady stuff, but it easily leads to an excess of zeal! — to illusions of grandeur and a desire to impress others and achieve eminence . . . Our search for knowledge should be ceaseless, which means that it is open-ended, never resting on laurels, degrees, or past achievements.
Hugh Nibley
Illusions of grandeur are not the same as visions of greatness.
Edwin Louis Cole
Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself.
Jane Wagner
You will not find in semantics any remedy for decayed teeth or illusions of grandeur or class conflict.
Alfred Tarski
All trembling, I reached the Falls of Niagara, and oh, what a scene! My blood shudders still, although I am not a coward, at the grandeur of the Creators power; and I gazed motionless on this new display of the irresistible force of one of His elements.
John James Audubon
May I say, finally, that I have no illusions of grandeur; quite to the contrary, I am very humble in my knowledge that through forty years of my life my life has been an open book of service to my fellow architects and for the public good.
Ralph Thomas Walker