Hillary Rodham Clinton Quotes

Hillary Rodham Clinton Quotes by Chris Christie, Jackie Kennedy, Wayne LaPierre, Jay Leno, Ron Fournier, Hillary Clinton and many others.

As a former federal prosecutor, I welcome the opportuni

As a former federal prosecutor, I welcome the opportunity to hold Hillary Rodham Clinton accountable for her performance and her character.
Chris Christie
[On Hillary Rodham Clinton:] She always looks so adorable, and she’s intrepid; she’s the biggest bargain America ever got, bigger than that Louisiana Purchase from my French friends.
Jackie Kennedy
Hillary Rodham Clinton will bring a permanent darkness of deceit and despair forced upon the American people to endure.
Wayne LaPierre
The Democratic Leadership Council has named Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to design a plan to help define an agenda to the Democratic party. Although Bill said today, in his experience, whenever Hillary enters the picture that’s when the party ends
Jay Leno
Since the Justice Department refuses to allow you to render a verdict, I’m going to present the case now, on the facts, against Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Chris Christie
Hillary Rodham Clinton was America’s chief diplomat. So let’s look around at the violence and danger in our world today in every region of the world that has been infected with her flawed judgment.
Chris Christie
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most influential woman in Washington – for what she has accomplished and for what she may yet do: win the presidency.
Ron Fournier
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is now facing a kind of personal dilemma. She can’t decide whether to drop the name Clinton from her name, or drop the name Rodham. They can’t figure out which one is more embarrassing.
Jay Leno
In order to avoid any problem and to put it to rest, I will forever be known as Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Hillary Clinton