Health Insurance Companies Quotes

Health Insurance Companies Quotes by Hillary Clinton, Joshua Kushner, Max Baucus, Elizabeth Emken, Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore and many others.

In most of the USA, the three largest health insurance

In most of the USA, the three largest health insurance companies in each state control 80 percent of the market. No wonder premiums are going up.
Hillary Clinton
People like Congress more than their health insurance companies.
Joshua Kushner
I believe strongly that the opportunity is here for us in America to finally have a healthcare system that we can really be proud of. But it’s got to be one where everybody is involved. Everybody: consumers, employers, providers, health-insurance companies, everybody.
Max Baucus
I’m no fan of what I’ve seen health insurance companies do.
Elizabeth Emken
People don’t trust private health insurance companies for all the right reasons.
Bernie Sanders
There should be no private health insurance companies operating for profit.
Michael Moore
Nobody likes insurance companies, especially health insurance companies.
P. J. O’Rourke