Good Looking Guys Quotes

Good Looking Guys Quotes by Mark Leibovich, Billie Joe Armstrong, Scott Disick, Armie Hammer, Michelle Ryan, P. K. Subban and many others.

I don't think people talk to me because I'm such a good

I don’t think people talk to me because I’m such a good, charming, good-looking guy. I don’t – whether that’s true or not. I think they do it because I work for a major news organization, and they think that it can probably be helpful to them and their business interests or their personal interest and what have you.
Mark Leibovich
They have bad taste. I am not a good-looking guy.
Billie Joe Armstrong
When you think of the debonair, ridiculously good-looking guy, you think of me.
Scott Disick
It’s something that I think I’m going to have to fight against for most of my career, for people to take me seriously as an actor as opposed to a good-looking guy. It’s not what I want to be known as.
Armie Hammer
I was bullied. I was a bit of a geek. Good-looking guys were off-limits. I didn’t start dating until I was 18.
Michelle Ryan
Now that doesn’t take anything away from my brothers, Malcolm [Subban] is good looking and Jordan’s [Subban] a good looking guy, too. I mean they are related to me so they get a little bit of the looks.
P. K. Subban
I’m not a good-looking guy. I don’t care if my nose gets mashed.
Mike Tyson
I wasn’t the good looking guy, I wasn’t the hot chick, I wasn’t the fat guy, I didn’t have a catchphrase, I didn’t wear a silly hat. I was just trying to improve as a comedian.
Bill Burr
I’m not interested in parts where they are looking for a good-looking guy. I want to be a weird little sidekick in a crazy comedy and then play like a dark drama or a thriller.
Alexander Skarsgard
I’m always surrounded by good-looking guys, like Zac Efron, so I have to be with someone who’s not going to get jealous about any of that, or when I’m kissing somebody in a scene.
Ashley Tisdale
I never go for the stereotypically good-looking guy. Maybe it’s unfair, but if I see a good-looking guy, inside I’m like, ‘What does he have to offer?’
Brittany Daniel
There are nice, funny, totally good-looking guys out there. You just have to know where to look…and apparently, where NOT to look.
Meg Cabot
I couldn’t work my way into being a good-looking guy.
Stephen Dillane
I’ve always thought that I’m kind of a cross between a young Bill Clinton and Lyle Lovett. And I just want to say I’m proud of that. Those are two good looking guys.
James Badge Dale
My life doesn’t change. I still have to go out and work hard every day, and do the best that I can do. I’m a third generation Californian, and there’s a lot of talented, good-looking guys in California, so I’m just happy to be working, and lucky to be working.
Scott Eastwood
My brother and I, we were both relatively good-looking guys growing up, but we had our awkward stages, where we were just hard to look at.
Dan Fogler
I would probably list myself as mostly straight. I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, Damn, that’s a good-looking guy, you know? I’ve never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.
Josh Hutcherson