Frozen In Time Quotes

Frozen In Time Quotes by Suzanne Collins, Henry Rollins, Steve McCurry, Gift of Gab, Ed Gass-Donnelly, Linda Ronstadt and many others.

I can see the first apple teetering when I let the thir

I can see the first apple teetering when I let the third arrow go, catching the torn flap and ripping it from the bag. For a moment, everything seems frozen in time. Then the apples spill to the ground and I’m blown backward into the air.
Suzanne Collins
I know that collector types can be a pain in the neck and seem perpetually frozen in time – or at least in their parents’ basement – but someone has to look out for the past, lest it slip away forever.
Henry Rollins
The photograph is an undeniably powerful medium. Free from the constraints of language, and harnessing the unique qualities of a single moment frozen in time.
Steve McCurry
I’m frozen in time, it’s more than just you being a dyme
I see the other half of me when I look in your eyes
Gift of Gab
Much like photographs, I also love the idea that ghosts are memories frozen in time. We can be haunted by both just as horrifically. One really becomes a metaphor for the other.
Ed Gass-Donnelly
Music is a work in progress. On a record, it gets frozen in time. And it’s oddly unnatural.
Linda Ronstadt
I’ve always been attracted to the idea of ghosts being memories frozen in time, that a psychological haunting can be just as terrifying as a supernatural one.
Ed Gass-Donnelly
Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century. It is a city frozen in time.
Richard Meier
I think that’s the way to go – dive into the music and don’t think, stay frozen, why don’t we all stay frozen in time for awhile?
Carlos Alomar
Markets, and the way they operate can’t be frozen in time and place. A dynamic economy that is growing and increasing material well-being for a large number of people have to change over time.
Douglas Massey
The team was going into transition. The team that we had could not continue to exist. Because of age, injury, it could not get to that same level. It had to change. I wish this team could have been frozen in time for 10 years, but that’s not the reality.
Geoff Petrie
If we are to create tomorrow’s jobs, we can’t remain frozen in time in yesterday’s tax system.
Bob Taft
The camera adds a certain sheen to things. Something about being frozen in time really makes things sparkle.
Brandon Stanton