First Hand Experience Quotes

First Hand Experience Quotes by Nitin Sawhney, Andrew Weil, Kevin Benderman, C. S. Lewis, Evelyn Underhill, Leonardo da Vinci and many others.

More and more we're negating the validity of first-hand

More and more we’re negating the validity of first-hand experience of people from other countries and other cultures… whether it’s on TV, the Internet, mobile phones or whatever – the world system we live in so values second-hand information.
Nitin Sawhney
There’s no limit to what working with the breath can accomplishmy own first-hand experiences with this natural healing method have convinced me that breathing well may be the master key to good health. I recommend breath work to all my patients.
Andrew Weil
I have learned from first hand experience that war is the destroyer of everything that is good in the world, it turns our young into soulless killers and we tell them that they are heroes when they master the ‘art’ of killing.
Kevin Benderman
If one is only to talk from first-hand experience, conversation would be a very poor business.
C. S. Lewis
The mystic lives and looks; and speaks the disconcerting language of first-hand experience.
Evelyn Underhill
To me it seems that those sciences are vain and full of error which are not born of experience, mother of all certainty, first-hand experience which in its origins, or means, or end has passed through one of the five senses.
Leonardo da Vinci
I have been privileged to be briefed and to know that we have been visited [by aliens]. I do not have first hand experience in this regard, but I have been on investigating teams and I have been briefed by insiders who do know.
Edgar Mitchell