Favorite Tv Shows Quotes

Favorite Tv Shows Quotes by Victoria Justice, Michael Schur, Steven Soderbergh, John Gallagher, Jr., Danai Gurira, Casper Van Dien and many others.

My favorite TV show is probably 'Glee.' I'm a Gleek, li

My favorite TV show is probably ‘Glee.’ I’m a Gleek, like everyone else!
Victoria Justice
My favorite TV show of all time is ‘The Wire,’ which has the feeling of a project-based show. You draw in people from disparate parts of the world, and they have to work together to achieve a goal.
Michael Schur
Nobody’s talking about movies the way they’re talking about their favorite TV shows.
Steven Soderbergh
I forget sometimes that Im in the HBO stable because I am such a fan of so much of their programming. Like, The Wire is my favorite TV show of all time.
John Gallagher, Jr.
My favorite TV shows are Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Modern Family, and Veep.
Danai Gurira
Growing up, my favorite TV show was Star Trek
Casper Van Dien
Everyone has days where they don’t get their way, where you have to go to bed early or you have too much homework to do or you can’t eat the candy that you want or you miss your favorite TV show and, in those moments, you just want to tear the whole world down.
Alex Hirsch
30 Rock’ is my favorite TV show and Tina Fey is one of my heroes. She was a dream to work with and the whole cast was just absolutely lovely.
Cristin Milioti
Comedians who are 22 years old can certainly be funny and clever, and be capable of telling jokes – but are they talking about their favorite TV shows, or a particular brand of shampoo?
Rob Delaney
I’m actually really lazy. I tell myself, “Okay, you work six months out of the year and you have to get up at 4 a.m. …” I’ll relish the downtime by chilling on the couch and watching my favorite TV shows.
Liana Liberato