Experiencing The World Quotes

Experiencing The World Quotes by Travis Rice, Matthieu Ricard, David Sanborn, Karan Bajaj, Gary Zukav, Jackie Kennedy and many others.

If we want authenticity, we have to initiate it. В Self-

If we want authenticity, we have to initiate it. В Self-discovery takes us to the wildest places on earth
Travis Rice
Happiness can’t be reduced to a few agreeable sensations. Rather, it is a way of being and of experiencing the world—a profound fulfillment that suffuses every moment and endures despite inevitable setbacks.
Matthieu Ricard
We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it.
Travis Rice
Experiencing the world through Endless secondhand information isn’t enough. If we want authenticity we have to initiate it.
Travis Rice
I look at the artistic process as like experiencing the world, channeling it through your personality and sending it back out there. That’s the process.
David Sanborn
There is a role for growth and experiencing the world, and pushing the boundaries of that, and then there is a time to bring it within. All people are at different stages of that journey.
Karan Bajaj
When you strive for perfection, you compare different versions of what could be instead of being present with what is. Perfectionism is an attempt to inhabit an imaginary world in order to avoid experiencing the world in which you live.
Gary Zukav
Being a journalist seemed the ideal way of both having a job and experiencing the world, especially for anyone with a sense of adventure.
Jackie Kennedy
After all, across the population there are slight differences in brain function, and sometimes these translate directly into different ways of experiencing the world. And each individual believes his way is reality.
David Eagleman
Writing is a way of life. I do it because it’s a way of experiencing the world, and trying to come to terms with it and understand it and express it and engage with it. And to me it’s a natural extension of reading.
Emily Perkins
As far as what I do, my value as a writer is certainly not to try to recapitulate a 19th century form. Certain styles of narrative don’t conform to my style of experiencing the world.
Mark Leyner
journalism was for me more than a business or a profession. It was a way of living, of experiencing the world even as I instantly distanced myself from it, in order to recreate what I’d witnessed for the public.
Andrea Mitchell
We will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it. It’s this self discovery that inevitably takes us to the wildest places on earth.
Travis Rice