Element Of Surprise Quotes

Element Of Surprise Quotes by Zach Galifianakis, Sun Bin, V. S. Naipaul, Geena Davis, David Spade, Charles Morgan and many others.

Element of surprise is really fun for me in comedy. I h

Element of surprise is really fun for me in comedy. I have to be surprised, and everything’s been done.
Zach Galifianakis
When conventional tactics are altered unexpectedly according to the situation, they take on the element of surprise and increase in strategic value .
Sun Bin
That element of surprise is what I look for when I am writing. It is my way of judging what I am doing – which is never an easy thing to do.
V. S. Naipaul
I think if you’re doing a play, you’re rehearsing enough that you get to a point where it’s freeing again. But in a movie, if you rehearse too much, now you’ve just shown everybody what you’re going to do. And any element of surprise or impulsiveness is taken away.
Geena Davis
Hopefully, underlying all my jokes is an element of surprise.
David Spade
There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved: It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder.
Charles Morgan
The stupidity of a stupid man is exercised in a restricted field; the stupidity of an intelligent man has a much wider diffusion, and a far greater effect, aided as it is by the element of surprise.
Peter Ustinov
every actor knows that tragedy, being linear and inevitable, is taxing – but comedy, which depends on the element of surprise, is the hardest act of all.
Robin Morgan
Tal’s combinations often exert a sort of paralysing influence on the opponent’s play. It would seem that the element of surprise plays a big part in this.
Mark Taimanov
Prayer adds an element of surprise to your life that is more fun than a surprise party or surprise gift or surprise romance. In fact, prayer turns life into a party, into a gift, into a romance.
Mark Batterson
The element of surprise wasn’t allowed near the Periodic Table.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Only way to eliminate the element of surprise is to know yourself and now your adversary.
Georges St-Pierre
This element of surprise or mystery the detective element as it is sometimes rather emptily called is of great importance in a plot.
E. M. Forster
I try to hang on to as much mystery as possible. How can we go through our lives not wanting to have any element of surprise?’
Charlize Theron
That’s the hardest thing about doing sequels – you’ve lost the element of surprise.
Sylvester Stallone
Can there be allowed – are we allowed to have any more in the military, General, the element of surprise? You know, I would think it would be a good thing. It’s called an ancient strength and we don’t use it anymore.
Donald Trump
For me, what is most important is the element of surprise. If I can surprise you with every film of mine, that is exactly what I am trying to do.
Arjun Rampal