Devil Wears Prada Quotes

Devil Wears Prada Quotes by Lauren Weisberger, Jerry Bruckheimer, Rich Sommer and many others.

Oh, don't be silly - EVERYONE wants this. Everyone want

Oh, don’t be silly – EVERYONE wants this. Everyone wants to be *us*.
Lauren Weisberger
I think it’s the source material. 27 Dresses was a famous book, and Devil Wears Prada was also a wonderful book, so it’s coming out of the novelists who are really creating these wonderful female characters that we want to see on the big screen.
Jerry Bruckheimer
The 12 years that I was improvising are why I got the number of commercials I got when I was in New York and why I got The Devil Wears Prada, and its why I even got in the door for Mad Men.
Rich Sommer