Credit Default Swap Quotes

Credit Default Swap Quotes by George Papandreou, Robert F. Engle, Alan Greenspan, Blythe Masters, Richard Dooling and many others.

Countries are not like financial markets. Social change

Countries are not like financial markets. Social change cannot be executed as swiftly as credit-default swaps. You cannot sell short on social commitments and practical responsibilities.
George Papandreou
Credit default swap gives you something to do. You can buy some credit default swaps from them to protect yourself against the bankruptcy of people who owe you money.
Robert F. Engle
Credit-default swaps, I think, have serious problems associated with them.
Alan Greenspan
I do believe CDSs [credit default swaps] have been miscast, much as poor workmen tend to blame their tools.
Blythe Masters
So what is the role that credit default swaps can play in an economy? Well my feeling is that if these things actually will now be traded on either exchanges or some kind of central clearing, they are going to be a very good measure of the credit worthiness of different companies.
Robert F. Engle
I think the credit default swaps can take the place of the rating agencies who really have missed the ball in this procedure and are quite conflicted by the way the ratings are paid for. So, I would like to see credit default swaps become an evermore important way of understanding credit risk in the economy.
Robert F. Engle
As the financial experts all over the world use machines to unwind Gordian knots of financial arrangements so complex that only machines can make – ‘derive’ – and trade them, we have to wonder: Are we living in a bad sci-fi movie? Is the Matrix made of credit default swaps?
Richard Dooling
If you pay attention to where your exposures are, you might tend up buying credit default swaps against a variety of people that you – companies that you deal with.
Robert F. Engle