Cost Benefit Analysis Quotes

Cost Benefit Analysis Quotes by Antonin Scalia, Vicky Hartzler, John Warren Kindt, Margaret Atwood, Fred Thompson, David Schwimmer and many others.

[The Freedom of Information Act is] the Taj Mahal of th

[The Freedom of Information Act is] the Taj Mahal of the Doctrine of Unanticipated Consequences, the Sistine Chapel of Cost-Benefit Analysis Ignored.
Antonin Scalia
Now in business we do a cost benefit analysis before we make policy changes. Washington should as well.
Vicky Hartzler
Gambling interests hire lots of economists to do impact studies, but what you need is cost-benefit analysis, and you’ll never see the industry finance those
John Warren Kindt
Nature is an expert in cost-benefit analysis,’ she says. ‘Although she does her accounting a little differently. As for debts, she always collects in the long run.
Margaret Atwood
That is, while we believe that cost-benefit analysis is an important tool to inform agency decision making, the results of the cost-benefit analysis do not trump existing law
Fred Thompson
There are certain pressures and things that change your life to a degree that, in the cost benefit analysis that constantly goes on, sometimes makes you think, ‘Maybe I should just leave.
David Schwimmer